Our commercial service covers small and large businesses including food processing facilities and health care facilities across Tampa Bay, which includes Apollo Beach, Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City Center, Brandon, and Valrico.

Processing & Distribution Facilities

At ARC, we offer pest control services for the food processing industry. We understand how important it is to maintain food safety standards and remain in compliance with local and state regulations as well as food service industry standards. We excel in pest control for the food processing industry, allowing you to maintain an environment that is pest-free and ready for inspection.


Every facility has different needs, and ARC will tailor a program to meet those needs. ARC offers full service programs inside and outside your building. Proactive programs to minimize bed bug infestations and regular treatments to rooms and common areas will protect your reputation. 

Pest control is essential for the hospitality and hotel industry. At ARC, our specialists use a range of environmentally-safe techniques to ensure that you don’t have unwanted pests in your facilities, including roaches, termites, ants, wasps & bees, rats and mice. 

Health Care Industry

No other area of pest elimination has a more direct impact on the lives of others like Healthcare. ARC will protect your facility and reputation by working alongside you and your staff to protect the health and welfare of those you serve. 

ARC maximizes your protection and minimizes your concerns.  Beginning with exterior control, and then coming inside to all areas.  Sensitive areas abound here and ARC knows how to eliminate pest concerns without compromising your clean rooms.  Patient rooms must be protected without disturbing those residing there.  Food Service areas and environmental services round out the picture because food delivered to patients must come from a clean and pest free kitchen.

Nursing and Retirement facilities with more permanent clients and living quarters. This cross between housing and healthcare is unique.  Let ARC protect your brand and your business in this very sensitive environment.

Retail Industry

No matter the size of your business, it cannot afford to have an unsightly or unhealthy pest infestation. If you see roaches, ants, flies or mosquitoes, bees or wasps, termites, call us so we can remove them for you as soon as possible.

At ARC we make sure you don’t have to worry about insect or rodent pests. We use environmentally-safe techniques to get rid of all pests and make sure they don’t return.

Property Managers

ARC Home & Commercial Services pest control for rental homes across Tampa Bay.

At ARC, we know that pest control can be a headache for rental property managers. We’d like to help. We employ many different environmentally-friendly techniques to ensure that your properties remain pest-free.

New Construction Soil Pre-Treat

If you are building in the state of Florida, you will need a required pre-construction termite pre-treatment. This is a method of treating the soil prior to construction to assist in the prevention of a future termite attack. We provide all necessary paperwork for your building inspector. Contact ARC today for peace of mind, a quote and explanation of out termite protection program.